It has taken me a while to realise that the foundation of my work is about connecting. 
Connections to the past. I’m inspired by my respect for the knitters and designers of Shetland’s past to connect them
with the knitters and citizens of today through using their traditional patterns in my jewellery.  I develop and adapt
those patterns to make precious jewellery that while modern has one foot in the past. 
Connections to the future. Connections to the future come through my use of innovative modern materials creating
heirlooms that can be passed on to future generations.
Connections through language. The dialect with its many influences connects us to our Nordic past.  The wearing of
pieces that can be read by others connects us with them
Connections with nature. Connections to the shore link us with nature and to our fellow islanders.  The mutual
feeling of finding treasure on the beach is conveyed through my beachcombers collection.
Connections to wandering souls. Descendants of emigrants can be connected, through gifts of jewellery, both to the
Shetland of today and of yesterday. 
Connections with each other. Friends and lovers, grandparents, parents and children, brothers and sisters are
connected by giving and receiving gifts. Folk are connected together through mutual ownership of similar pieces.
I feel relieved to now know this.
The methods I use to create such connecting pieces are a combination of old inherited knitting skills learned in my
childhood, honed and developed throughout my life and skills of metal working. Using these sometimes in isolation
and sometimes combined I am able to create pieces worthy of collection and connection. The preciousness of the
past and future connections is conveyed through my use of fine and sterling silver.
Each piece is individually handmade and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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